Diego on “Chelsea Lately” October 9th!

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Diego will be making a television appearance this week to promote MTV’s Underemployed. Diego will be on E!’s Chelsea Lately show Tuesday, October 9 (my birthday) at 10PM Central time.

Here are two photos Diego tweeted from behind-the-scenes

Don’t forget that, Rock of Ages will be on DVD the same day. And Underemployed premieres Oct. 16th.

MTV Orders Scripted Series “Underemployed”

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Back in February we made a post on Diego being cast in an MTV pilot for “Underemployed”, and it was announced Friday that MTV has officially greenlit the show! Which means Diego will be filming more episodes! Congratulations to Diego, so excited to see him on television again :)

MTV has ordered two new scripted series and four reality shows that would bring the likes of Ke$ha and Bo Burnham to TV, the network announced Friday.

On the scripted side, Underemployed hails from Brothers & Sisters’ Craig Wright. The series takes a comedic look at the post-college generation who are just starting their lives and careers in today’s economy. The series stars Jared Kusnitz, Inbar Lavi, Michelle Ang, Sarah Habel and Diego Boneta.

Source: TV Guide

Diego Cast in New MTV Pilot “Underemployed”

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For days now Diego has been teasing us about some great news he has to share, and yesterday he shared a link announcing he’d been cast in a MTV Pilot about a comedy titled “Underemployed.”

MTV is prepping its next pilot – a single-camera comedy about 5 twentysomethings in Chicago from Dirty Sexy Money creator Craig Wright.

Jared Kusnitz, Michelle Ang, Sarah Habel, Inbar Lavi and Diego Boneta have been cast as the leads in the project, which revolves around Lou (Kusnitz), Sofia (Ang), Daphne (Habel), Raviva (Lavi) and Miles (Boneta) – talented best pals who were confident that they were about to dazzle the universe with their brilliance on the eve of their college graduation but a year later find themselves going through a series of odd jobs, low-paying gigs, and comical situations – all in an effort to make ends meet. “It is a comedy about the millenial generation’s experience entering young adult life and the workforce in today’s economic climate,” MTV’s head of programming David Janollari said. “It’s about post-college reality versus the amplified expectations… exploring all the firsts from love, family, friends and career in today’s post-Gen X world.”

Read more at Deadline.com

Interview: Who is “A”?

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Last month the male cast of Pretty Little Liars attended the KIIS FM Jingle Ball, and were interviewed on the red carpet. Here is a new interview where the guys are asked to spill on who exactly is “A.”

Love Diego’s answer :)

Diego on “Mean Girls” & Troian

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Diego spoke with Too Fab about the Mean Girls movie and his close friendship with the Pretty Little Liars cast & co-star Troian Bellesario (Spencer).

“Mean Girls 2″ star Diego Boneta hopes that Lindsay Lohan–who starred in the original, 2004 theatrical release–gives her stamp of approval to the made-for-TV follow-up, airing January 23 on ABC Family.

“I don’t know [if she’ll approve of it] but hopefully she will,” Boneta, 20, tells TooFab. “I don’t see why not.”

But the Mexican-born actor, who also appeared in “90210,” admits he hasn’t seen Lindsay in the original film! “I actually have not seen the movie yet,” he tells TooFab. “But I mean, the first ‘Mean Girls’ is a classic.”

He adds, that the cast didn’t want to focus on the original too much. “We did talk about the past ‘Mean Girls’ but not that much, because we wanted to kind of make this movie our own. We completely love ‘Mean Girls,’ and we completely respect what was done with that movie but instead of talking about the first one, we were [focused on] making this a great film.”

Also on tap for Boneta is the return of the ABC Family show “Pretty Little Liars,” which had its season premiere Monday. But for Boneta, it doesn’t seem like work considering how close-knit the cast is. And he says that co-star Troian Avery Bellisario is among his best pals on the show.

“Troian, who plays my love interest Spencer, is a hard worker and just awesome to be around,” he says. “And [co-star] Keegan Allen is now a close friend of mine. We hang out all the time. Lucy Hale [too]. All of them. I’ve been very, very lucky with all of my casts, because they’ve been very nice.”


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